Batik Jepara

Batik Jepara

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The art of batik in Jepara Kartini has been around since the era. There are already over a century the era of batik Jepara abolished.

"Batik long ago until now is still done by the mothers. Therefore it can not go wrong if this batik art closer to the mother, "he said.
New motif

Her grandmother's motif, there is a magnolia flower, one tree at the gazebo behind the district of Jepara. Another motive is Gondosuli Parang, and Srikaton motif.

This last motive Mataraman style, but different from those in Solo and Yogyakarta is more famous with Srigunung term.

Suyanti now with his group already make at least a dozen new motif. "We want to be with people Jepara revive batik whose history is lost," he said.

Larasati Suliantoro explained, the need for permanent grounding the seriousness of batik which has become one of the peculiarities of Indonesia. It believes, batik will still be accepted by society.

Noteworthy today is nurturing the next generation who have attention to batik. "Need assistance from the batik senior to the next generation," he said.

Jepara Regent Hendro Martojo revealed, advocacy done by the district government sought copyright registration for a typical batik works of Jepara. It also expands the introduction of batik, especially among students in special schools to give attention to the art of batik.

He reveals, the book is already translated Rouffoer work, namely Batik Art and history in the Dutch East Indies. In the book mentioned, RA Kartini had sent a gift to the Netherlands in the form of batik cloth typical of Jepara.