Batik Kawung

Batik Kawung

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Sphere-like motifs patterned Kawung Kawung fruit (a type of oil or sometimes also considered as a fruit and fro) are cleanly laid out geometrically.

Sometimes, this motif is also interpreted as drawing a lotus flower (lotus) flower with four leaves of the fissure.

Lotus is a flower that symbolizes longevity and purity. Usually Kawung motifs were named based on the large-size round-oval shape contained in a particular motif. For example: motif kawung Kawung Picis is composed by a small circle shape. Picis is a currency worth ten senyang is small.

While Kawung Bribil motives kawung is composed of a form that is greater than kawung Picis. This is consistent with bribil name, the currency is greater than picis shape and worth half a penny. While kawung round-oval that is greater than Bribil Kawung called Kawung Sen.