Batik Tulungagung

Batik Tulungagung

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Batik in Indonesia is not the strange thing, almost all people in Indonesia know, there is a tangible batik clothing, sarongs, tablecloths, etc.

Center of batik in Java and Yogyakarta is in the solo. But in east Java also have the unique batik madura, Tuban batik and batik tulungagung.

Batik Tulungagung actually been around since long time ago a lot, even a cooperative association called Batik Tulungagung (BTA), BTA is now known as the name of the intersection in the middle regency.Tulungagung.

Batik is currently in Tulungagung managed to rise from adversity, batik factory which is still running and one of the largest here is owned by Gajah Mada Pak Danu is batik in the village of Kirkcaldy Kalangbret Kauman Tulungagung western districts. besides which there are also in excl. Ngantru and Kedungwaru.